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The principles of Arts by Children (ABC)
Voices for a Better World Preamble

-The experience of active artistic work has an effect which goes far beyond arts and culture.
-Children and young people who paint, write poetry, make music, dance or act in a drama group discover their own chances and capabilities.
-The common experience of arts and culture especially fosters social inclusion of children and young people renders an important contribution to integration, social justice and a non violent and democratic living together in one world.
-The children of today will shape the world of tomorrow and they will be the ones to take the decisions in the future.

We are a worldwide federation of people who are active in the field of arts and culture and of people committed to these fields. We feel responsible for the social life and the artistic education of children and young people.
We support cultural institutions and artists and help to set up a network of cultural institutions and artists, who stand up for the rights of children and their right to get an artistic and aesthetic education and to be creative.
Our work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
We refuse any kind of violence and stand up for equal opportunities regardless of race, colour, religion or gender. 

We demand the freedom of expression and self-determination, especially for children and young people.
We are convinced that cultural education is one of the basic rights of children and young people.

We trust in the power of arts and the strength and creative potential of children and young people.

We promote creativity, artistic skills and forms of expression of children and young people and thus their free thinking and acting.
We mainly support children and young people who are affected by social grievances, political conflicts and wars, as well as natural catastrophes.

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