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Arts by Children (ABC)
Voices for Better World
§ 1
Name, head office, business year

Name of the charitable association will be: ”Arts by Children (ABC) - Voices for a Better
World”. The charity will be based in Lingen (Ems)/Federal Republic of Germany and is to
be registered in the official register of associations and societies at the district court of
Osnabrück. After registration the abbreviation for registered associations “e.V.” will be
added. The business year will be the calendar year.

§ 2
Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to promote artistic and cultural work with children and
young people from all over the world. This comprises all social and inter cultural tasks,
that support the education of young people. It is to be achieved by:

- setting up an international network of children’s culture, children’s theatre and
children’s arts centres
- organising and running international seminars, conferences and congresses
under the above mentioned theme.
- organising and running international arts and theatre workshops, theatre
encounters and festivals with young people
- setting up a world children’s ensemble in the field of performing arts
- supporting the set-up of children’s culture, children’s theatre and children’s arts
centres in underprivileged districts financially and also as regards the
- representing the common interests on national and international level towards
the public, authorities and politics.
§ 3
Charitable status

The association will exclusively and directly pursue charitable purposes pursuant to the
provision governing “tax- advantaged purposes” of the General Fiscal Law. 
The association will be a non-profit association. It does not pursue purposes serving its
own economic interests. 
The funds of the association are only to be used for purposes that are in accordance with
the constitution. No person may benefit from expenses that are not in accordance with the
constitution, nor may benefit from disproportionately high fees.  All persons holding a
post within the association work as volunteers. ABC represents the principle of religious
and ideological tolerance. It has no connections whatsoever to any political party.  
Should the association be dissolved or should the mentioned aims no longer exist, the
fortune of the association will be transferred to UNICEF. 
An amendment of the constitution has to be presented to the responsible tax authorities
before registration by a district court. 

§ 4

Ordinary members (individual members) of the association are natural persons, who
actively support the purpose of the association.

Associated members may be institutions, organisations and bodies that co-operate with
the association. 

Extraordinary (promoting members) can be natural persons, institutions, bodies and
international associations that support the work of the association financially and in an
ideal way.   

§ 5
Commencement and Termination of membership

New members can be accepted at any time. Interested persons have to send a written
application for membership to the board of the association. The board will decide whether
a new member is accepted. Membership ends when a member resigns by written notice to
the association. A written notice has to be given to the head office of the association
three months before the end of the calendar year.
A member can be excluded due to a decision taken by the General Assembly when he/she
does no longer fulfil the conditions of membership or when it has been proven that
his/her conduct is seriously harmful to the association. 

§ 6
Membership fees

The association collects membership subscriptions in the form of money or payment in
kind. The exact membership fee for ordinary members will be stipulated by the General
Assembly. In addition to the basic fee decided upon by the General Assembly, promoting
members can also contribute money or payment in kind to the association at any time.
Donations for concrete projects are only to be used for those projects. If the donators
agree, donations may  be transferred to other projects that have to be completely in
accordance with the purposes of the association. The General Assembly has to be
informed about this change in writing. 

§ 7
Organs of the association

Organs of the association are:

-   the General Assembly
-   the board  in form of the Steering Committee 
-   the executive board
-   auditing of accounts
-   the advisory board

§ 8
The General Assembly 

The General Assembly will meet at least every two years. Further General Assemblies
have to be convened, if the board considers them necessary or if at least one third (1/3) of
the members of the association demands them, informing the board about the required
items on  the agenda.
The General Assemblies are to be convened by the Steering Committee three months in
advance in written form (by letter or e-mail), informing members about items on the

§ 9
Voting power

All ordinary members of the association are entitled to vote. Associate members and
extraordinary members have no voting rights. Decisions are made by simple majority of
the members present who are entitled to vote. Amendments to the constitution and
decisions on the exclusion of members need to be approved by two thirds (2/3) of the
members present who are entitled to vote. A secret ballot is necessary if one member
requests it.

§ 10
Tasks of the General Assembly

The tasks of the General Assembly are 

- Election of the steering committee  
- Approval of the activity and business report
- Formally approving the board’s work of the previous year 
- Consultations and decision on the budget to be submitted by the steering
- Decisions on the work programme and projects 
- Stipulation of subscriptions 
- Resolutions regarding amendments to the constitution
- Decisions on the exclusion of members
- Decisions on the dissolution of the association 
- Decision on the location where the office should be based 

§ 11
The steering committee 

The board in form of the Steering Committee consists of:  

the president
the vice president
the secretary general
the treasurer
the artistic director
four ex-officio   

The Steering Committee is responsible for all affairs of the association, unless the
constitution stipulates that they are arranged by the General Assembly. Experts may be
invited to join the steering committee for specific projects.  
The Steering Committee has the following tasks: 

- Preparation and summoning of the General Assembly 
- Setup of the agenda
- Acceptance of new members 
- Execution of the decisions taken by the General Assembly and reporting
- Preparation of the budget
- To set up working groups

The board constitutes a quorum (in accordance with the decisions taken by the General
Assembly) if at least three of the five board members are present. 
Pursuant to § 26 BGB (German Civil Code) the executive board consists of the president,
the vice president, the general secretary, the treasurer and the artistic director. 
The association is to be represented jointly by two board members, one of whom must
either be the president, or his deputy (the vice president) and the general secretary
or the treasurer.   

§ 12
Auditing of accounts 

The General Assembly elects two auditors and one deputy-auditor. They should not be
members of the Steering Committee. Every four years one of the auditors is re-elected for
four years. The accounts are audited annually and in addition before each election of the
board. When presenting the auditors’ report, the auditors ask for acceptance by the
General Assembly.    

§ 13
Advisory board

The advisory board is initiated by the executive board and is open to all members and to
others. It can form special committees. At least one member of the executive board should 
also be a member of the advisory board and should report regularly to the executive
board. The decisions of the advisory board are not binding for the executive board. All
activities of the advisory board need the written approval of the executive board. 

§ 14

The Steering Committee will be elected by the General Assembly for a period of four
years. However, it will work until the next elections take place. Re-election for a further
term is permitted. 

Nominations for all positions of the board can be made prior to the General Assembly or
during the Assembly. 

Each position of the Steering Committee will be elected separately.

The election will be supervised by a member of the General Assembly, who does not run
for a seat in the board. A simple majority of votes is sufficient. 

§ 15

The minutes of the General Assembly have to be taken in written form and have to be
signed by the chairperson of the General Assembly and the keeper of the minutes.

§ 16
Dissolution of the association

The General Assembly will decide upon the dissolution of the association. In order take a
decision on the dissolution of the association a majority of two thirds (2/3) of the
members who are present and who are entitled to vote is necessary. 

§ 17
Location of the office

The office will be based in Lingen (Ems), Federal Republic of Germany

Lingen, 25th April, 2008 

Signatures of the founder members: 
Wir vernetzen Kultur
Zum Neuen Hafen 11
D-49808 Lingen (Ems)

Tel.: 0591-91379756
Fax: 0591/91521854

Mo-Do: 09.00 - 12.00 Uhr


Deutsche Bank Lingen
Konto-Nr.:  0660 399
BLZ:  267 700 24


Arts by Children (ABC)
Voices for a Better World e.V.
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