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About us

The children culture- and children´s aid organization Arts by Children (ABC) - Voices for a Better World e.V. was founded as a nonprofit organization in Lingen (Ems) in 2008. Arts by Children is a global alliance for artists and people engaged in culture and the arts, who are aware of the social responsibility in the world towards children and young people.

The international aid organization is convinced that the common experience of art and culture promotes the social participation of children and young adults. Arts by Children is making an important contribution to integration, social justice and a non-violent and democratic coexistence in a world. The association works on basis of the children's rights convention of the United Nations.

Arts by Children is convinced that active artistic design and the experience of art develops a particular activity that goes far beyond the actual creative process of art and culture, because children and young people who paint, write poetry, make music, dance, film or act in drama, discover the power of art in their own potential and develop (survival) skills.

Arts by Children connects cultural institutions, artists and dedicated people who work for the rights of children and their right to artistic and aesthetic education. The organization supports primarily children and young people who are affected by the margins of society, political and military conflicts and environmental disasters.

Among other things Arts by Children is building a children's culture orphanage in Bangladesh for children who have lost their parents and their home by a hurricane and subsequent flooding. In addition, projects such as exhibitions, children's cultural conferences, art and theater projects are initiated and organized by Arts by Children.
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