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Über eine Spende von mehr als 13000 Euro freuen sich von links Norbert Radermacher, Benno Schulz, Ralf Tihen und Schatzmeisterin Janette Mannott. Foto: Felix Reis

The new president of the association "Arts by Children" based in Lingen is called Dr. Walter Höltermann. He is the successor of Norbert Radermacher, who renounced a new candidacy. Nils Hanraets was elected as Vice President.
"I would like to say thank you", announced Norbert Radermacher at the general meeting of the association "Arts by Children (ABC) - Voices for a Better World", which he founded in 2008 with other artists from seven nations. He was eleven years president of the association. His thank-you list was long, because the association "is an organization supported by many people".

Worldwide association
ABC, a worldwide association of art and cultural professionals to promote artistic and cultural work with children and young people in a social context, emerged from the World Children's Theater Festival (WKT), initiated by Norbert Radermacher who was at that time head of the Theater Education Center (TPZ). The Lingen-based organization promotes cultural and social projects with children and young people in extreme situations in various countries around the world. A cultural center in El Alto (Bolivia), water tanks for a school in Kampala (Uganda) or a community center in the countryside in Nepal are just a few examples of the successful work of the association.
International network of children's theater and children's culture houses
The organization is also active in Lingen. In 2018, ABC, in cooperation with "terre des hommes", organized the project "Children on the Run", whose central component was an exhibition in a recreated refugee tent. With the farewell of Norbert Radermacher, an era comes to an end, pointed out by the outgoing Vice-President Christel Grunewaldt -Rohde in their words of thanks. His idea to establish a worldwide network of children's theater and children's culture houses"was based on the many years of experience as head of the TPZ and founder of the WKT and on the certainty that art and cultural mediation in children and adolescents is a future-oriented component of life.
Praise for Christel Grunewaldt-Rohde
The outgoing president thanked the board of the ABC for the many years of fruitful cooperation, the many volunteers, the staff of the office in Lingen, the donors and especially Christel Grunewaldt-Rohde. "It was a stroke of luck for our association that she brought her great cultural and social commitment to ABC," stated Radermacher.
"We are following in very big footsteps"
With Norbert Radermacher and Christel Grunewaldt-Rohde the founding member Anneliese Hanelt as well as Clemens Niers and Ulrich Wolbeck left the board. New board members were unanimously elected: Dr. Walter Höltermann as president and Nils Hanraets as vice-president as well as the assessors Anita Escherhaus, Angelika Löhr and the young student Theresa Liening, who after a few months as volunteer in Bangladesh said she had found a new home there at ABC and now want to give something back. "We are following in very big footsteps", stated the new president Dr. Walter Höltermann, who thanked for the confidence of the general meeting.

New and old board of the association "Arts by Children" with founding members. Founder and former President Norbert Radermacher (sitting in the middle) gives his office to Walter Höltermann (sitting 2nd from the right), new Vice-President is Nils Hanraets (sitting on the right), who holds the office of Christel Grunewaldt-Rohde (sitting 2. from the left)

Press release Lingener Tagespost  - March 14th, 2019

Work report of the board of Arts by Children - period of time 3rd September 2016 - 1st March 2019 

The members of our association have been informed during the above period of time about the activities of ABC in form of annual reports and newsletters. This work report is therefore limited to a few outstanding events and major changes.
1. Arts by Children - voices for a better world was founded more than 10 years ago on 25.04.2008 by the well-known Indonesian television presenter Peggy Melati Sukma and Norbert Radermacher as well as other artists from 7 nations as a children's culture and child welfare organization. The organization can look back on 10 years of successful work.
2. The association currently has 67 individual members and 12 institutional members whose contributions and donations make a significant contribution to ABC's ability to maintain a business office and support various projects. So far, the office has been run by the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) - most recently by Angelika Löhr (1.1.2016 - 30.06.2017) and Anne-Marie Jansen-Wieschebrock (01.10.2017 - 30.03.2019). Since the BFD can be carried out by a person for a maximum of 1.5 years and therefore new persons must be searched for and introduced into the work, the board of ABC has decided to fill this position as of 1st April 2019 in the context of a minor employment contract. The honorary commitment of the board and the members of our association will be decisively and permanently supported by the measure. The board thanked Angelika Löhr and Anne-Marie Jansen-Wieschebrock for their work in recent years - but also for the many helpers without the projects like "Winterzauber" or "children on the run" could not have taken place. Arts by Children is a very lively association supported by the members, which constantly enriches also the cultural life in Lingen with new actions and impulses
3. A special example of these activities is the intercultural drum group, which has been rehearsing in our rooms since 2017 and has already appeared in public at many events in Lingen. This group is currently headed by Issouf Diomade. The future of Issouf Diomade, however, is very uncertain, as his asylum application has been rejected and he is expected to be deported to his home country in the near future. ABC has tried by all means to prevent the deportation (legal assistance, letter to Mayor Krone, letter to the Prime Minister Stephan Weil, etc.) Although the readiness of the Essmann company is in writing to give Mr Diomade a training contract, all efforts to prevent deportation seem in vain.
4. From June 20th - 26th, 2018, "Arts by Children", in cooperation with "terre des hommes", organized the project "Children on the run - between uprooting and homeland search". The project took place within the context of the World Festival of Children's Theatre. Local cooperation partners were the Art School  and the Theater Educational Center (TPZ). Integral part of the project was an exhibition in a staged refugee tent with photos and other documentation provided by terre des hommes, Osnabrück. The exhibition was supplemented by a photographic exhibition by Najem Al Khalaf, as well as pictures and objects that refugee children had developed together with their lecturers at the Lingen Art School. The exhibition gave a deep impression of the plight of children forced to leave their homes and often their parents and friends to start a new life abroad.
5. Last December we also took part in the "Winterzauber" with a stand on the university square. The campaign with a raffle was very successful both financially and from the point of view of information and image care for ABC, and we would like to thank all the helpers who carried out the action in rainy and cold weather.
6. In the middle of the preparations of our annual project "Children on the run - between uprooting and homeland search" burst the message of the city of Lingen that we have to move out of the rooms of the Paul Gerhardt School and get a new office space assigned. With much commitment of the board and other helpers, we have made the move and work since 15th July 2018 in the Gebrüder Grimm School, Elsterstr. 1, 49808 Lingen. Here we are usually on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10.00 - 12.00 am personally reachable. The old phone number + 49 (0) 591 91379756 has been preserved, as well as the mail address:
7. However, the focus of our work still exists in taking care, helping, supporting and promotion of our projects in different countries

5th March 2019
For the board
Norbert Radermacher


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